New LaunchPad Video for Coaches & Teachers

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Gymnastics Australia is super excited to release a new LaunchPad Aerobics video providing coaches and teachers with a great example of how to translate the LaunchPad resources into a real life session with students.  

The video includes chapters on:   Warm Up games, Skill Development, Circuits, Creating a Routine and Cool Down activities utilising music, activity cards and lessons  sourced from the LaunchPad Aerobics resource which is available FREE to clubs and schools delivering the Sporting Schools Program.    

The launch of Gymnastics Australia’s new LaunchPad Aerobics program has hit the ground running with 22 schools across Australia choosing LaunchPad Aerobics for their Sporting Schools Program for the first time ever!

Sporting Schools is a $160 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect them with community sporting opportunities.

The Aerobics program is being delivered in Primary Schools by gymnastics coaches and teachers using the new LaunchPad Aerobics resources.   

Gymnastics Australia’s National Participation Manager, Robyn Tribe is enthusiastic about the future of Aerobic gymnastics in schools.

“We are expecting the number of aerobics programs to double in Term 3 as more schools learn about this fantastic new program which is inclusive of all abilities and requires no equipment.  Feedback from schools is that the children are enjoying creating their own formations and routines once they have learned a few simple steps.”  

For more information on how your club can get involved in Sporting Schools contact go to

Linking learning with elastics!

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Recently girls from the Loreto Gymnastics Club showed us how much fun it can be to be active with friends, creating games and chants to use with Gymnastics Australia’s new LaunchPad Elastics.   

Designed to get children thinking whilst they move, elastics games assist children to build their framework for learning, in a fun and engaging way.  When playing elastics games, children develop body control, spatial awareness and locomotor skills.  By practising their jumping and landing, bilateral movements and sequencing of motor skills, children are keeping fit but also aiding the brain to follow the flow of words, sequence patterns and develop beat competency.

Throughout Term 2 and 3, 70,000 sets of LaunchPad Elastics will be distributed to Primary school students from 700 schools that selected LaunchPad Gymnastics or Aerobics for their Sporting Schools program.   This follows on from the hugely successful rhythmic ribbons, bean bags and skipping ropes that have been sent to schools in previous terms.  Videos of other LaunchPad activities can be found on the website.  Teachers also receive free teaching resources including LaunchPad lesson plans when they book their program.

In the past 2 years, Gymnastics clubs and coaching providers have delivered over 2000 programs to a massive 200,000participants.

Sporting Schools is a $160 million Australian government initiative designed to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect them with community sport.    
For more information about how your club or school can get involved in the Sporting Schools program contact Nikhil Devgan at Gymnastics Australia on (03) 8698 9728 or via

GymMix Online Lesson Planner

At Gymnastics Australia (GA) we are excited to announce the launch of our new GymMix Online Lesson Planner and the great news is that all current GA Technical members will have FREE ongoing access. 

Designed to assist club coaches and teachers to deliver quality recreational gymnastics programs, the GymMix Lesson Planner allows you to build lessons including Warm Up, Skill Development, Circuits and Cool Down activities in four easy steps. 

The GymMix Lesson Planner is an easy to use online resource enabling users to progressively build safe and challenging gymnastics lessons:

• Drawing from over 1000 pre-selected games, activities and skills based around the Dominant Movement Patterns.
• Offering the ability to print, clone and save your lesson plans for record keeping and future use.
• Providing A4 activity cards that can be printed separately and placed at various stations around the gym floor.  Activity Cards are very useful in assisting in communicating with young participants, larger groups and participants with special needs. 

The GymMix Lesson planner is offered:

• As a new FREE benefit for all current technical members
• To all Teachers who have completed an Ignite course
• To all Sporting School contacts
• For all Gymnastics Australia and State Association staff

For more information, please visit our GymMix Lesson Planner Information page.

Sporting Schools Connecting Kids to Clubs

Lena Eagle is literally jumping for joy after participating in the LaunchPad Gymnastics Sporting Schools program which is part of the Australian Government’s $160 million initiative to get more children playing more sport. Lena became a member of the ‘Gymtastics Kids’ club after participating in a program delivered by Gymtastics Kids coach, Sheryl Faulkner. 

As Sheryl explained, “Gymtastic Kids ran a Sporting Schools Launchpad program at Wilton Public School during Term 4, 2016. It was a huge success and the children enjoyed gymnastics so much that we had six new enrolments in our club. What a great win-win situation; the club gains a new member and the child becomes involved in a sport fostering the importance of an active healthy lifestyle.”

Lena was lucky enough to win an iPad simply by entering her details on the  website and downloading her free ‘Come n Try’ gymnastics voucher.

Sheryl recently presented the iPad to a very excited Lena during school assembly at Wilton Public School.   

According to Lena’s mum Rachael, “Lena’s first introduction to gymnastics was at her school and since then she decided that she wanted to do it every week.  Since enrolling her into gymnastics at Picton, I have found that she looks forward to every Monday, her coordination has improved and she seems to have a lot more energy.  I think she is hooked!”

The LaunchPad program has gone from strength to strength with over 170,000 children having now been exposed to the sport of gymnastics through the Sporting Schools Program.  Gymnastics clubs across Australia are continuing to grow in membership as a result of delivering Sporting Schools gymnastics programs at their local schools.

National Club Survey Findings

Gymnastics Australia would like to thank the Clubs who participated in the 2016 National Club Survey and would like to provide some of the insights captured throughout this process. 

In July 2016, Sports Business Partners (SBP) was engaged by Gymnastics Australia (GA) to conduct research into the market size of participants that are ‘exposed’ to the sport of Gymnastics. 

The definition of people exposed to the sport of gymnastics, where possible, was aligned to the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) Annual Sports Performance Review (ASPR) reporting requirements which considers programme, event, school delivered –and school managed participation.

A critical consideration of SBP approach to the research was to develop a thorough methodology that provided robust, logical and transparent evidence of the number of Australians that engage with gymnastics in various forms. 

This research involved two distinct approaches to calculate the gymnastics market size of the ‘exposed’ population.

The first phase was to conduct an online survey with the 553 affiliated gymnastics clubs in Australia. The survey had a total response rate of 59% with 304 clubs completing the Market Sizing component. This provides results that are accurate to within ±3.8% percentage points at a 95% confidence interval.

The survey determined the percentage of clubs that were delivering ‘non-member’ based participation, and the average number of individuals for each category.

These findings were used to model the ‘exposure’ market size across the various segments of gymnastics clubs (taking into account location and the facility as primary segmentation variables).

For detailed information on the findings please see the document below.

Australian Gymnastics Club Research 2016 
(Adobe PDF File)

Gymnastics Ranked Number 1!

Gymnastics is improving the fundamental movement skills of Primary School students across Australia by being the number 1 ‘sport of choice’ for schools in the Sporting Schools Program. 

The Australian Sports Commission 100 million dollar initiative is exposing Australian children to the sport of gymnastics by connecting Primary Schools to local clubs.  Designed to complement, but not replace the existing National Health and Physical Education Curriculum, gymnastics has been delivered throughout Australia to a whopping 100,000 students in the past 12 months.

Gymnastics Australia, Senior Manager Norden commented that, “Gymnastics Australia endorsed clubs and coaches have completed a fantastic 12 months delivering LaunchPad programs, receiving a 97% satisfaction rating from teachers. We now have over 200 clubs endorsed to deliver our fundamental movement program across Australia.

"Our target is to continue to encourage our clubs to register in order to meet every school request for Gymnastics each term.   In term 3 we have received over 500 program requests, which equates to over 70,000 participants.  The future looks bright for our sport with many children joining their local club to continue their enjoyment of gymnastics”. 
The Liberal government has made a commitment to provide a further $60 million of funding and have extended the program to December 2018.  Funding is available to schools to cover the cost of the 4 session LaunchPad Gymnastics Program Fee.  Additional sessions can be negotiated by clubs at a separate cost.  

Delivery is flexible and can be offered before, during or after school.  Program delivery can occur entirely at club facilities, at the school or a combination of both. 

Each participating school receives a School Gymnastics Resource Kit as part of the LaunchPad program. The kit contains teacher resources and promotional material for students.  The  website has been designed to foster ongoing participation by providing parents with access to local gymnastics club information. 

Students also receive LaunchPad branded equipment (skipping rope/bean bag/rhythmic ribbon) to encourage them to continue to practice their Fundamental Movement Skills.  Gymnastics Australia distributes the School Gymnastics Resource Kit directly to schools upon receipt of a completed Program Booking form from clubs

For more information about how your club can get involved contact:

Nikhil Devgan - Sporting Schools Participation Manager at Gymnastics Australia or (03) 8698 9728